Monday, August 30, 2004


Restatements Second of 1L Slackness – A person has committed a napery when: (1) They go to sleep (2) and they should be working (a)Reading (b)writing (c) or general studying (3)and It is not yet after midnight (4) and (a) the sleeping only occurs for less than six hours (b) or they get up after the sleeping and have (i)either lunch (ii)or dinner (iii)but not breakfast.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


JD and I went to Coconut Grove. Sigh. Cocowalk is just a damn mall! All the little trendy outdoor restaurants are all mostly chains. Where's the pizzazz, people? Sure there were a few shops with the nauseating scent of incense burning, but no homeless people making potty in the corners. I didn’t get accosted once for a little spare change. No one was playing an instrument that hadn’t been hired by one of the bars. Everyone seemed showered. This is not what I expected at all. How troubling.

When I was in Tallahassee getting my undergrad, we had tons of homeless folks. It was vagrant Shangri-La as far I as could tell. On my first weekend there a disheveled, stinky, fat woman came over to me. She claimed that she was pregnant and that her baby “needs sometin’ to eats”. If I could just spare a few cents, the little bun in the oven wouldn’t have to go hungry. I declined to help :). Throughout my time in Tally-town I saw this woman again and again. Each time, she told me the same story. The woman was “with child” for nearly five years as far as I could tell. I told her that elephants had shorter gestation periods than her, and that maybe she should see another doctor for a second opinion.

None of that in Coconut Grove. :(

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Daily Grind

So, I am still sick, sick, sick. This is not a good way to start law school. I have so much damn snot just pouring out of my nose - glug, glug, glug. I am still coughing. I am a mess. To top it off, I went to the gym for the first time in forever. I worked legs. Now I can hardly walk, and tomorrow will be even worse. Daily stats: Wake up around 7. Get to school by 8. Go to class and read between classes. Come home around 6. Chill for about an hour or so. Study until 11:30/12. I see JD in passing. "Good day to you." "Good day to you as well, Sir." It isn't that the work is hard (yet) it is just that it is copious. It is relentless too. It isn't like undergrad where you can fake it until the week before finals. It isn't like having a big lump of work that you can get through and be done for a while. It just keeps coming. A pox on my Civ. Pro. teacher too! He assigns real cases for us to read. Not those nice, short, edited ones in the casebooks. No, sir. The whole 40 page case (with dissents). And he asks about all the cases sighted in the cases. Ugh! I guess its good, because you don't skim the shit. I have all the basic headings in my briefs as well as a 'Cases' section where I blurb the cases in the cases. Bummer. I haven't played a single video game since the second day of classes and I have only watched 2 episodes of a show in its entirety (some old Arrested Development shows Tivo has been saving for me). All and all I still feel in control. Full time job - nose to the grindstone. They had free beer at 'The Rat' today, but I was so loopy from ingesting my snot all day that I just moped on home. Beer and coughing like I am overcome with Consumption just didn't seem all that fun.

Are There Any Republicans In Law School?

Of course I know there must be, but every damn law blog I read, I have to say, points decidedly to Democrat (if choosing between the two big ole parties). Why is this? Is this simply what pulls me in (ugh, perish the thought)? Am I to believe that Republics are all a bunch of troglodytes? Incapable of embracing the ways of the new world – this fantabulous world of technology – this free exchange of ideas and information? I don’t buy it. I know Howard Dean set the world ablaze with his massive web driven donation spree – and I know that has managed to organize a solid base of Dems, whilst the backwoods Reps have simply sat by, reportedly scratching their furrowed brows and tilting their heads in a sideways manner. But surely the Republicans like their porn just as much as the Democrats (although they’d certainly never admit it – except for anonymously in a ‘live ladies on fire’ chatroom). So they must have internet accounts, and they must know how to, at least, kill all those pop-up ads which are bound to appear when visiting (or so I’ve heard). So where are you? I think you all have aspirations to be President of the United States or Supreme Court Justices or some political some one. So you’d like a blog, but you’d hate for it to be around in 20 years when you have to explain why you typed “”. In one of my classes, the teacher went around and asked why we wanted to be lawyers. He didn’t get to everyone, but most had the standard line: I want to make a difference, for good, in the harsh, mean, cold, world. One guy said he wants to fight against all the ‘isms’ in the world. Bold! I didn’t raise my hand, but all I wanted to say was: “You know how you want to save the world; how you want to put all the big bad meanies away forever; how you want to make the birds chirpier, the sun shinier, the breeze breezier – well, I want to be the guy trying to stop you! “ I don’t really want to go against people who are trying to be noble, but come on people! If this is any indication of where these people are headed, there is going to be a huge lack of real estate attorneys, will and trust attorneys, patent attorneys, DUI shops, ticket clinics, whatever… I think I’ve gotten way off track here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Saltines Are So Good!

They really are. Go discover an old friend again. So I talked with some classmates today. Here I was worried about making friends, when now I realize, no thanks. At least, no thanks to them. Keep up the good work dudes! Count me the hell out. If this is my only hope, well then, I'll just sit in my room with my card table. I was talking with this one guy, and he said: "You are in my LRW class, right?" Me (knowing I was, but not wanting to look like a stalker): "Maybe. What section? XYZ, yeah, I am." Him: "What did you get on the first assignment?" Me: "Check plus." Him: "Oh, check minus..." And then he wandered off all quite and dejected. What the hell? This was our very first assignment. It wasn't even for a real grade. Check, check plus, check minus - give me a break. Now you and I can't be friends? Bummer. Unrelated: So there is this one girl in my classes with a smokin' rack - no doubt - (maybe fake though as they are somewhat far apart - my only real requirement for 'smokin' ' is large). Anyhow, she has a nice chest, but she is always wearing the same type of shirt. It isn't the same shirt, but the same type. It is a low cut kind of swoop thing. Tank top-ish. She has a white one, a brown one, a red one, a _______ one. Her 'ladies' are all hanging out and stuff, which is nice, but she really needs to vary it up. Some one must have told her long ago that this was a good look, and she has stuck with it ever since. I'd like more variety. I hereby make a formal request for a baby doll tee, a nice button up shirt, a tight sweater, a tube top, a string bikini. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Non-social Student Seeks Friend

So it is now a week (counting orientation) since law school started. Woo who. I have decided that I will probably not make any friends this year. I’m going to be the “Huh, who is that guy.” when they call my name at graduation. It isn’t that I am not friend worthy, I am. I have lots of other friends in my other life, but I’m just not a cold-caller. I can’t strike up random conversations. No one talks to me either. Maybe it is that I just stare into my books when sitting in class. Maybe it is because I have only sniffed, coughed, or hmphed in classes. Maybe it is because I choose to study in the food court rather than the library. (In my defense, this is because I was suffering from a bad cough and didn’t want to be a jerk – should I now suffer? By the way, I went to UM’s health clinic – Upper Respiratory Bronchitis – antibiotics and I should be good to go.) I’ve decided to take action! Here’s my plan:
  1. Make flyers and hang them all around school in the dark of night.
  1. The flyers will say “What you talking about, UM Law School?!” and there will be a picture of Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson on them. They will say: Come meet Gary Coleman in the law library this Saturday night at 10pm!
  1. Then I’ll go and see who shows up – a fan of The Different Strokes is alright by me!
  1. When ‘Arnold’ doesn’t show up, I’ll be outraged along with the others, and this will be my opening to strike up the conversation I have been seeking.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Georgia, Miami Ain't

Yesterday JD and I went to the beach for the first time since we got down here. I should say beach-ish, really. We were on the ocean and all, but it was a cove we were at. Some park in Coral Gables I don't feel like looking up. Wow! Palm trees, painfully blue sky, cool breeze. The sky was so freaking clear! It was great. We swam across the little cove, walked around a bit, then loafed under a bunch of palm trees. I could get use to being stranded, as long as I had fresh water. As I lay there I thought about a make-shift desalinization plant. I saw it somewhere once - you take a tub of seawater and drape plastic over it (make a little plastic tent). You slope one side of the plastic towards a bucket or something that can hold water. You set all this up in the blaring sun. As the water evaporates, the plastic catches the vapors which become droplets - they all clump together and go rolling down to your bucket. Hope I'm stranded with plastic sheets and two buckets. Preferably one bucket and a really long trough. I just finished writing my first case brief "Long Form". I hope I don't have too many others required for any sort of grades. I know in the 'Elements' class I have I probably will. I'm not against case briefing at all (how could I be, I am not even a week into school yet). However, I am against this long brief stuff. Isn't the point of this case method to get an idea of how the law is evolving, and to extract the black letter law/policy? So, every case is trying to tell us a thing or two. The case is on point (or off point) about a rule, a policy, something. I don't need 10 subsections of a brief for that. I know, I know, learn the right way, then do what works best for me. Sure. No problem. I'm all in, and I'm ready to go. Its just I can see how people fall off this stuff fast. I don't plan to book brief, but I'm not ganna do this long form crap for any extended amount of time.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Good Subs

Hey, anyone from the area (Miami) know where a guy can go to get a big-ass sandwich? I have been to Todd's Subs (2 and 3/4 stars out of 4). I was not impressed with Deli Lane (1 out of 4 stars). Thanks.

Friday, August 20, 2004


Is it too early to hate gunners? Maybe all the law school blogs have poisoned me towards people in class. Today was my first day in K. Okay, the prof brought in the first page of Ebay for us to look at. She asked what we thought of the last few lines saying that use of the site constituted acceptance of the user agreement. After saying a lot of hooey, this one dude sat with his hand up for the next 40 minutes. He was propping it up with his other hand because he was getting so tired - the prof was obviously not going to call on him. In the end, it was too much to bare so he asks (blurts out): What if some one's computer malfunctions and clicks the accept box by itself? Thanks brother, great insight. I just sat in silence. I'll live without the bump if it means I don't ever have to interact with that guy.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

First Day Class For That Ass

So, I have my real first day off classes tomorrow. Remember my gripe about not knowing what books we need, well add keeping our first day class assignments a secret to that list. What a bunch of horseshit. Ditzy Genius said she had 1008 pages to read for her first class assignments. I was shocked - yeah, until I saw mine. For one class, just one class, my first day assignment is to read two books and a whole bunch of other crap. Total, for one class: 957 pages. By the first day! Come one. Did they really have to wait until two days before class to drop this on us? We were told to have read 'A Civil Action' and 'The Buffalo Creek Disaster' as well as the first 54 pages of the casebook and rule 11 (plus the notes on rule 11). I know that I probably don't have to have both novels read in their entirety, and who doesn't love a John Travolta flick, but I was told that it would behoove me to read them as soon as I could, because this prof. uses examples from them a lot. So I did it. Yup, both novels in just over 2 days. This is probably old hat to many of you law school fools out there, but I'm not too much of a reader. I don't think I read 900 pages throughout high school and undergrad, but hell, if it wasn't like riding a bike. I picked up those puppies and blasted through. Good reading too. I can remember dates, names, dollar amounts, who filed what motions. I'm pretty impressed with myself. I think JD found my abilities to read so quickly and thoroughly 'sexy'. Maybe I'll parlay my bookworm charms into some action tonight. Grrrr, tiger! Let's talk about sandals a bit, shall we? The ladies, they should have on the sandals, their feet are cute, their toes are painted. The dudes... why? Your toes are ugly and therefore, most likely, smelly. Please put on socks. Update: I asked JD if she found my speed reading sexy, she laughed at me and went to bed. Oh well, I guess its off to BT's Gentleman's Club (just down the street - the sign says free drinks to celebrate their anniversary). We live in such a nice area.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


So I am now in day 2 of being an official law student. So far it is snoozeville, my friends. Honor Code - Okay, does anyone read this? This is stuff you should already be aware of. Even if it isn't, I don't think it should take up so much time. "Look people", the orientation folks should say "Its simple. Don't cheat, don't help others cheat, and don't be dicks to each other." The cheating part goes without saying, although it probably goes on in spades, and the being asses to each other, well - screw those jerks. If you want to go through law school being a dip-shit to people, have at it. I won't loose sleep over you. I do believe it is true what they say: Your professional careers begin on the first day of law school, not when you pass the bar. I heard a guy on his phone yesterday: "G-dog. Sweet. Hey bro, you got 's outline right - yeah, cool, listen - if I have the outline and I know he's ganna call on me that day, if I have the outline and read it, that's good enough? - It is? Sweet. Awesome." I wasn't too excited about being here after yesterday's and today's orientation sessions. It is a whole lot of time where not very much is said. I just want to get on with it. I'm ready to rumble. We learned about ethics, honor code, copy center, how talented and intelligent of a group we are (hey, I'm here, so I know that part ain't true), how to park, where to park, when to park, when not to park, park, park, park. I have met a lot of people, but only really struck up a conversation with two of them as of yet. One guy I talked with as I waited in line for over an hour for books. Roughly 600 bucks for first semester books. I went with used when possible and bought none of the recommended material - only the required. I don't went to be penny-wise and pound-foolish, but if it isn't used, I might take it back until it is assigned to us. I know it isn't like undergrad, but I bet I'm not going to use all 27 books assigned for one of my classes. I went to the 'cool' law bookstore - as with everything else reported to be 'cool', it meant more expensive. Tomorrow I have on my list to return some of the books I found for way cheaper elsewhere. I'm trying not to size up any of the students I see by just looks and vibes. This hasn't let me down in the past, but I really want to try and be the best I can. This means not worrying about anyone around me. If I start making judgments about people from scratch, then I am not really doing what I set out to do. I think I'm skipping the Dean's Ball tonight. Three reasons. 1) I own no cocktail attire (this is the main reason). 2) I don't know anyone yet, and I'll feel way out of place there 3) JD is so sad about her current job (what else is new), I'd have a tough time at a ball with her sobbing at home. A former UM student who has transferred to BC has been kind enough to act as my student mentor from afar. His info and encouragement has been great so far. I am lucky to have bumped into him in cyberspace. It is a shame he didn't stick around, but I'm happy he's where he wants to be. I plan to call the guys at work from below one of the webcams I always looked at in the lab. Stay tuned dudes...

Monday, August 16, 2004

Today is the first day of the blah, blah, blah

So it is 12:15am... My boyz back in the ATL are chilling as usual, and I find myself already nostalgic for those days. I am nervous, and not at all ready to start hitting the books hard. I wanted to totally veg out this week so I would be so bored that studying would be a welcomed change. However, I feel tired and ready for a vacation already. I am still sick, me and JD have been nipping at each other... Her day is even more nerve wracking than mine will be. I just show up, listen to some people drone on about this and that, get my parking permit, go to a luncheon --- JD will meet around 70 kids in one of the poorest communities in Florida. She will be entrusted with these kid's lives, or at least what they want to make of them. She isn't sure if she is up to this task, but I know she is. I hope she can be tough enough to get by, and I hope some of these kids want to learn what she can teach them. We are both starting great adventures that can't be more different from each other. We will be so busy - I think it will be like a 1 year hold on our relationship. Here's to you blog readers! I hope my tales will improve in the coming months. Tally ho!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Wasted Day!

So the plan was to go to Orlando for two days. Just over 12 hours later and we are back in good ole Miami. We were going to be staying at a villa off of highway 192 in Kissimmee. The entire strip that is highway 192 was a disaster area. Billboards were torn down, buildings were smashed, stop lights littered the streets. It looked like a war zone. Power was out, of course. It seems that the Orlando Airport was in bad shape as well - structural damage was what we were told. So their me and JD were, in Orlando, at the villa, and everyone else was stranded at their respective airports. We slept for 2 hours, got back in the car, and drove home. Most of JD's family have flights out tomorrow, but by the time everyone gets in, we would have had to be on the road for our fun day of adventure on Monday. Monday: I start school, JD gets her students. Note: Did the rules change or are stoplights not working still supposed to be treated as 4-way stops? It was survival of the fittest, man eat man, whatever you want to call it. People were just gunning it, swerving about. If I dared to stop and let some one go, the cars behind me would grumble and growl at me. Sad. Also, the gas stations claimed to have only 93 octane left... hmmm. I'm a bit suspicious. Seems like a nifty coincidence for them. I'm not Immortal Technique with the conspiracy theories and all, but how can every gas station be out. Collusion!

Friday, August 13, 2004

"My Apartment Is So Small..."

"How small is it?" "It is so small that when I turn the TV in my bedroom off, the TV in the living room turns on." -No joke. I couldn't turn off the TV with the remote unless I shut the door. My apartment is puny.

Not Taking Me Back?

First off, I am really amazed that 'grandpa' was available as a login name. It is a good one, and should be kept handy for your deer hunting, bass fishing, paint balling, mini-motor biking, schematic reading, automation running/writing, and generally crotched red-neck-ish/engineer-ish blog. Call it GrandpaTheRedneckEngineer... As for taking me back, I have it on good word that my job is being held for me until after my first semester grades are in. At which time, I will come running back to TheCompany - crying like the little Nancy-boy I am - begging for anything I can get. I might even stoop as low as to take on some Customer Response Team work... **shudder** Damn, I better hit the books...

I was Near Death

To my one faithful blog reader: I am sorry. I have been near death for the past three days. Top that off with trying to get my home network situated - man it has been rough. I started with a sore throat, progressed into full blown fever, then crashed into phlegm city. Totally sucked! My big plans of sitting on my ass for a week playing video games and eating Taco Bell have not been realized. As I write this, I have played only 2 full games of NCAA, eaten only a few tacos, and have snot streaming down my face onto the keyboard. I have been battling with Vonage for the last two days as well. Great system, but a bitch to muck with when things go south. My first cable modem went bad today as well. It was replaced by some dude with a great deal of efficiency, but he gave me a 3 year old modem. Alas... I am going to call tech support and see about getting a new one, but we'll see. I have to go to Orlando for all of 36 hours tomorrow. Yep, looks like I'll be starting law school without any loaf time. I promise to type more when I get back on Sunday. Sorry to leave you in the lurch.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


The plan was to take this week easy before the crush of law school semester one. Fat chance. We are still straightening out crap around our little shoebox of an apartment. I have been mussin' around with my wireless router, vonage, cable... We have driven to Ft. Lauderdale each night. We are going to Orlando for all of 24 hours this weekend. I need to change the brakes in our car. I have a vicious sore throat. It is hot as balls here. The humidity will kill small animals and the elderly. I haven't gone to the beach yet. I can't read any damn billboards around here. I spent all day in a sweltering laundry mat with freakish people. Did I mention that 2 hurricanes are coming to this area... On another note, I went to see where JD will be working to help put my ass through law school. Gulp! Liberty City - Riots - Gangs - Drugs... I wonder when the life insurance kicks in, something tells me I will be collecting. Sweet meat. It is really pretty run down. This is inner city. I think JD is going to do great there - I just wish it were safer. I think she has a knack with problem kids. She is a good person and seems to relate to them. She just needs to get a bit tougher. The adventure kicks into high gear for both of us on Monday, Sweeeet.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Movin' My Body

Okay. So I am now in Miami. I must say, now that I am unemployed, my feeling on the subject is this: Woooooooooooooo whoooooooooooooo!!!!! Of course, as I’ve stated, I have yet to feel the pinch just yet. So, the experience is pleasant so far.


Tomorrow we have the cable hooked up. This includes high-speed internet, so I will say ‘fare the well’ to whoever’s network I have been leaching off of. I will, of course, not be sharing mine.

All is well with our new apartment as of yet. South beach it ain’t. But it isn’t as bad as The Plaza of lovely Frenchtown, Tallahassee. I have seen more fit women in the last 24 hours then I did in a year living in Atlanta. That isn’t to say that the women in Atlanta don’t have anything to offer --- I just didn’t see any. Maybe I was hanging out at the wrong places (although I saw nearly a billion of them on my trip to the local grocery store).

The only real complaint I have to lodge is this: Fucking ass shit mosquitoes! I will surely be long dead of malaria, yellow fever, and West Nile combined by the time your eyes have read this. To say the mosquitoes outside the door to my new dwellings are plentiful is like saying the Olsen Twins are a bit thin – a gross understatement. There are zillions upon zillions of the little buggers swarming about. I blame the decent landscaping for the problem.

Why the owners of this dump went with lush landscaping over harsh concrete expanses is beyond me, but there you have it. They have surrounded my home with palm trees, full shrubs, moist peat moss, and many luscious plants of various shapes and sizes – it looks… well, it looks like the West Nile. Fitting.

Every time JD or I open the door, the negative airflow whooshes in entire colonies of the little bastards. The mad dash is on to suck us dry. There are far too many of them to kill, so we just sit back and let the carnage unfold. Eventually, they will have their fill, leaving us just enough blood to stay alive so that they might feast again come morning. Most leave us not by flying, but by lumbering out the door, too fat with out A/B positive to lift themselves off the ground, they instead walk home.

I'm Jonesing Your Bandwidth

So I don't have a phone or cable here yet, but I do have high speed internet. How... ah, Wi-Fi! Some one has a connection in my apartment without any encryption. Sweet. I can surf around without a worry. I have loads of unpacking to do, and a bunch of other crap that goes with moving into a new town and apartment. I have to get a license, register my car, register to vote, find the closest Publix - get busy with the little lady... You know, all the jazz I won't have time for in law school. Here's to hoping those 'sexy movies' I've seen on rare * cough * occasions are true and I'll get some sweet action from a high-strung librarian in the law library from time to time. (insert funky 70's music in here) More to follow...

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Officially unemployed and Stuff

So I am now unemployed. It feels... the same, actually. I still have one more paycheck cycle as well, so I won't notice the drop-off for another 2 weeks, then its (LawFool makes screeching noise with mouth and a motion of his hand falling towards the ground, mimicking an airplane rapidly descending) "kaboom"! Last night CRT, V-Diddy, Milton, The SanMan, and I got together for a rousing night of drinking, watching 'Pumping Iron', and playing NCAA 2005. It was pretty lame. I think The SanMan was burnt-out from all my farewell festivities throughout the week. Today we played golf sans Milton. Instead, another guy from work met us out on the range. We all really suck and only played 9 holes of a par-3. The guy from work... let's see, we'll call him... Redneck Engineer - well he was a friggin' natural. He has never played and he was dead on. Very impressive. He should try to work in some golf time between deer hunting, bass fishing, and moonshining. We then had a nice lunch and said our goodbyes. :( I hope to keep in touch with a few of these dudes. We'll see. I ate dinner with Milton tonight. I knew he was going to pay. I stayed with my theme of cheap and fast. We ended up at Chipotle. I could have asked for sushi or something, but that wouldn't be the way to go out. Keep it cheap and fast. I packed my shit tonight and am ready to take off in the A.M. It will take about 10 and 1/2 hours or so. I have a Harry Potter Book on Tape (CD, really) to jam to all the way down. 27 hours worth! Yowzers. $9.99 at the outlet store - $75.00 list. Sweeeet! JD was offered another job although she already took a job teaching (more on this in the next post or two). Now she has to decide what to do. The job is in a law office. Funny. I will be in law school, she might be in the game before me. Anyway... That's it for now. Not sure when I'll get internet access, so JMoore, hang in there. Also, I didn't get to say an official goodbye to SMassey. Bummer. Vroom, vroom.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

This blog blows!

Okay, former co-workers reading this: This blog isn't as good as it can be, because it is really about law school, but I am not yet in law school. Give it a few weeks, then give up on it. Not right off the bat though. I am posting my goodbye email now (stop reading if you already got this): ################## To: Way too many people at TheCompany First, I’d like to get this right out in the open: I am a liar. I am not going to law school. I have deceived many of you. I apologize. Please, read on. My lie wasn’t meant to harm anyone, it was merely cover for the true reason I am departing. A reason that I was a bit shy to admit until today…. Instead of law school, I have booked passage aboard the Queen Mary 2 - and I will be spending the rest of my days, however long they may be, riding the high seas as a ‘gentleman dancer’. This term is not as salacious as it may first appear. It simply means that, for a reduced rate of passage, I volunteer my services to elderly widows who may require a dance partner. The QM2 is awash (no pun intended) with grand ballrooms with lively brass big bands, with many a lonely widow in need of some one to dance the Foxtrot or Charleston with. Although I may not look it, my love for the by-gone era of ballroom dancing knows no bounds. Not even my devotion to the world of systems validation and test can keep my heart from yearning to dance the Viennese Waltz, Rumba, and Cha Cha. It is with this heavy, yearning, heart that I take my leave from TheCompany. (I like to think of it not as taking a leave, rather a Progressive Sidestep into a Closed Promenade followed by a Rock Turn then a Back Corte - Yeah, you Tango fans know what I’m saying. Right on!) I will be chronicling my adventures grooving on the briny deep in a blog called: - don’t let the name fool you, I am embarking on an adventure of dance. Please send my regards to my wife should any of you see her. If you care to reach me (as the QM2 has wonderful ship-to-shore telecommunications) please keep these handy. cell: 786-XXX-XXXX Thank you all, LawFool P.S. The font I used for this is Georgia. It is the only font I shall use for all correspondences in the future.

Last Day

Today is pretty much my last day at work (pretty much, because I may need to stop in tomorrow and pack up some more). It is bitter sweet. I am glad to finally get on with my plans, as it seems like I've been talking about this day for years. However, I am sad to say goodbye to many of the great people I have come to know and commiserate with over the nearly four years I have worked here. This was my first and only job after college, and I couldn’t have asked for a better shot. I was paid pretty good, I learned a good deal, and I worked with a wide array of good people (in temperament, intelligence, and ethnic heritage). I know that one or two of these people will be friends for a long time to come. The rest will become “Yeah, I remember him. He was always doing this or saying that”s. As for the work… eh. I can take it or leave it. I am good at the jobs I do, but the challenge and the interest is waning. It is time to do something new. The chance to learn something different from what I do now, rather than an extension of what I have been doing is both exciting and freighting. I regret that I can’t get this any other way than by leaving this place. I had dinner last night with a friend from college. He asked what I might do if I realize that I hate it after the first week. I hope this isn’t going to be the case, but it was a good question. I dare not think of an answer until that day comes. I will miss all of you guys. Thanks for understanding the type of person I am, for putting up with some of my crassness, for embracing my brashness, for wishing me well and meaning it.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Via Fitz-Hume there is a pretty fun little tool for making cartoon people. Fun.
  1. Me in Miami.
  2. JD, sweet.
  3. Milton looking cool.
  4. V-Diddy eating some meat.
  5. The SanMan getting the ladies all hot.
  6. The Mechanic Fisherman.
  7. Mr. CRT working the NCAA.
  8. The Coberino at the lake.

No Job For JD

She quit her Asst. Manager position at Starbucks after finishing 1/2 of the training. Now she is scrambling for a job. She'll find one (she wants to try teaching again), but it is proving to be tougher than she had hoped. I will admit, I find it a little irksome as well. I know she'll find something, but the not knowing is a big 'gulp'. We need benefits within 3 months after my last day. This Friday... Bumps in the road. Just bumps in the road. Gulp.

The Corporation

The Corporation -- long... So, Milton and I went to see ‘The Corporation’ yesterday. I didn’t really review Fahrenheit 9/11 when I saw that, because tons of other blogs already had. Instead, I reviewed the jerk-ass people who were in the movie with me. However, I have seen very little in the blopsphere about The Corporation --- is it because it comes from Canada? Let me say this: I do not put myself in the neo-con camp by any means, but I sure ain’t no bleeding heart either. I believe in the free market, I believe in the power of the dollar, and I believe in the people’s ability to shape policy and politics through the marketplace. This doesn’t mean that no money equates to no power. Rather, it means that no money means you had better organize and work harder (through many means possible), because as you were sleeping, those with different ideals were out there busting rump and getting rich. Now they have the money, the money you want (albeit to help others – or so the claim is), and it is harder for you to get it. I don’t think many conservatives go to see movies like this. I like to try and watch any movie that is entertaining and if it has a message it wants me to grasp, well that’s okay by me. I welcome that. I like to go to dinner afterwards and pontificate about such films. This movie is one worth pontificating about. It has a large cast of characters, the most heartening being Ray Anderson the CEO of Interface (the worlds largest carpet manufacture – who knew?). He calls corporations the plunderers of our biosphere. He speaks about the taxation of the planet we pass to future generations without representation. He talks very eloquently about the harm he was doing, how he didn’t care, and how profits were his motive. Then, he was prodded by customers (probably during the 30 seconds back in the early 90’s when Earth Day was popular) who asked what Interface’s environmental policy was. He realized he hadn’t considered it – ever. He started to read a book, realized what harm he was causing, realized it wasn’t a sustainable business model, and changed his ways. I don’t think he is too popular with the other CEOs. This guy was good, and so were many of the other people interviewed through the film. They had Milton Friedman, Michael Moore, Noam Chomksy, etc… The best were two Fox reporters who did an expose on Monsanto’s rBGH product. This is a bovine growth hormone which the FDA approved to help boost milk production (the movie points out that we – the government - already pay farmers to keep milk production down, since we make too much to be consumed already). It has been banned in Europe and Canada due to the pain it causes the animals as well as the fear it may cause resistant strains of bacteria and cancers to form, but us fool Americans guzzle it down by the gallons. Needless to say, Fox tried to crush the story. There were law suits, people were fired, it was a mess. It served to show how the profit motives of the networks can shape the news they produce. Okay, all is bad in the corporate world right? They are huge companies crushing the soul of nations. They are heartless plunderers of our societies. They kill thousands, poison millions… Okay, fine. I’ll give you all that, but who allows them to do this? We do! You and I. We buy from corporations. We see their movies, eat their food, shop for their clothes, and on and on. We want the cheapest goods possible, the fact that these goods are made in factories that become death traps when the first fire breaks out or that children are breathing toxic vapors when making our products – we don’t care. Collectively as a nation, we just don’t care. The highly caring, very intelligent, very concerned **cough** guy who sat in front of me during the movie, the guy falling all over himself to show people how outraged he was, how ridiculous he found the assertions of some of these corporations to be, and how un-corporate he already lived his life – he was wearing a diamond earring in one ear. Diamonds – In Sierra Leone the Revolutionary United Front routinely kills and maims people in order to impose its will on the people of that country. Thousands of men, women and children (some just a few months old) have their arms, feet, legs, ears, hands, chopped off in order to drive home the RUF’s control over the diamond trade. These diamonds are sold to traders, and eventually end up in the American market. The money from these diamonds buys guns, tanks, food, drink, and sharpening stones for the RUF’s machetes. The same is true with the UNITA forces in Angola – where diamonds have brought in 4 billion dollars between 1992 and 1998 – the USA buys 65% of the worlds diamonds. Gold – In order to get the flecks of gold to coagulate together, cyanide and mercury are used as the coagulant agent. These poisons are washed down the rivers around the world’s gold mines. In the Amazon forests, mercury has lead to the death of countless fish, snakes, and mammals as well as the deforestation of many areas adjacent to heavily polluted rivers. In Indonesia, American based mining companies have been accused of deaths resulting from symptoms very closely related to those you might see when poisoned with mercury. The cyanide used in the western United States is leading to polluted waterways and dead animals. Taxpayers in Summitvile, Colorado have paid the EPA over 100 million bucks just to contain the cyanide pollution. Not clean up, mind you. Contain. Again, the marketplace is, indeed, heartless. It is made by the people, however. It is us who dictate the actions of these corporations through laws and regulations, but mostly through our dollars. If we make it less profitable for these companies to oppress and pollute, then they will stop or slow. We control these corporations. It is easy to watch a movie all dolled up with your pretty little earring and pretend to be outraged all the way to McDonalds – it is quite another to pass over the Piercing Pagoda on your way to buy your free-range, unpasturized, 6 dollar a gallon, milk.

Sunday, August 01, 2004


I just got back from a party that some one at work threw for me. She is a really nice woman. I’ll call her M-Dude. She is pregos. Her husband finishes basements, which is big business in basement rich metro Atlanta. They have a beautiful house and a brand new pool. It was really a nice gesture to arrange the get-together for me.

Quite a few people from work made the trek out to the outskirts of metro-ville to drink beer, eat chips, and swim. I realized tonight that it isn’t the work I liked about my job at all, it is the really great people I came to know and care for. I am getting really sad at the thought of leaving these people, many of who I may never talk with again.

Life sucks and is so great for many of the same reasons. I am getting sad and excited. I am dreading my final farewells. I hope I am not being foolish. I feel like I am just starting to really get to know these people after nearly 4 years… fucking crap…