Tuesday, November 30, 2004

For My Old Crew

To all you fiber optic slaves: I've been waking up around 10:30 each day for the past week. I usually watch TV for a few hours, then go and chill at Starbucks. It can walk there from my house. It is a two-story Starbucks with a great outdoor patio. The ocean breeze comes in and makes the 80 degrees feel more like a cool 74 degrees. Here's looking at you, kids.

The library be all packed an' shiz

Yo! What all you bitches doin' up in ma' house? Word. You best recognize. All you action hoes betta move on out! Lawfool be comin' down wif a handfull of pickled sausages and some stink-ass cheese and shit to stank up the 2nd floor reading room. Word. Lawfool goin' tah no shower mode. He ganna stank the whole place on up so he can git him some space. Damn! You betta step-off if you be seein' Lawfool ride on up. I needs me some outlets and shit. I needs me a phat wirelezz lan connection. And you betta not let me catch your ass jammin' up the second floor printer and den doin' nuttin' 'bout it. Word. If I see a jammed up copier - I am ganna go whack-ass-crazy all up an' down yo' ass with ALL the mo' fo' Restatments Second of Contracts! You best believe dat!

Monday, November 29, 2004


Stayed home to study today. I also did six loads of laundry. Some chick had left her clothes in two of the dryers for who knows how long. We only have three dryers here and her clothes were not warm, it had obviously been quite some time. So, I decided to do a little self help and remove her stuff myself. I was concerned that she would walk in just as I had scooped up a bunch of her panties and accuse me of being some pervert (which I may very well be, but I have no panty fetish - unless some Swedish chick happens to be in the panties at the time...). Anyway, I did all my laundry and the clothes were still unclaimed. I also was approached by the maintenance/clean-up guy for my apartment complex. He is about 4 foot 9 inches, has these enormous coke-bottle glasses, and wispy thinning hair. A human Muppet. He walked up to me as I left the laundry room and said: "You know how to set beep-beep?" It was in a very heavy Spanish accent. I didn't catch what he was saying at first (not that I would have known what the hell he meant if I had) - I normally would say "Excuse me?" But his breath was horrific. I was already tearing up when he said this one sentence. Asking again would bring me more pain. He mistook my scrunched up facial expression as a questioning look and thrust a pager toward me. "You can set beep-beep?" I nearly fell backwards. His breath was as if he had swallowed a rotten animal, a sheep perhaps, who had, itself, swallowed a smaller, more pungent rotten animal, who had, in turn swallowed a still smaller rotten animal, and on and on... Turns out he wanted me to set the time of his pager. It was correctly set, but it was set for 24 hours and the 14 o'clock was confusing him. Tomorrow I think I'll go to Starbucks. It is nice there, however the Civ. Pro. tool who was too cool to let me join his study group earlier in the year has set up shop there. I don't know if it is the best place to study, but this dork makes me want to go everyday. I need to think of ways to annoy him.

The Slog

How the hell do you study for a week? How the hell do you study for 3 days straight? Look, we have been taking classes since August. None of us have jobs. We should already know this stuff. I am pretty much outlined out. Now what? Read the damn E&E again, I guess. Drink a lot of coffee and reflect on life? I find myself thinking more and more about my previous pre-law life. The life where I had money. I liked the guys/gals a lot where I worked and life was pretty freaking sweet. While I was there I realized how boring life would be for me if I kept at that job for the next 4 or 5 years, from then on out I’d be stuck in that line of work forever, but I gotta tell you, it sure was comfy. I look to that job as I sit in my one bedroom apartment – no money for Christmas – and long for the easy life. It isn’t that my life is hard now, it is just that I am longing to get on with it. I am not savoring the time in law school. I think it is the classic case. Grinding while you are there and then looking back at it as some of the best days of your life. I also miss just goofing around with people I had come to know over nearly four years. Alas – having your cake and eating it too. Bramble Bush was a slog, but Intro to Legal Reasoning was actually pretty darn interesting. Bramble Bush: It is a book about what one guy thinks legal education should be and how a student should proceeded. He tells you what a good lawyer will do as compared to a mediocre or poor lawyer, he talks about being a skilled lawyer, learning the rules, knowing the flow of the law, etc… The problem I have, is that it is a book by a guy who I know nothing about. All I know is that my professor says it is the right stuff, but I think you need to know and respect the person writing a book like this before you take it to heart. It isn’t that I don’t think I could respect the author, I’m sure he is very smart and, obviously, he is well respected, but a book so connected to the ideas of one man, well it makes the man all that more important. Intro to Legal Reasoning: For a good bulk of the book, the author takes a legislative act called the White-Slave Trade Act and shows how courts interpreted it. It goes from an act passed to stop the commercial trade/transport of women, against their will (often violently so) for the purposes of prostitution – to an act used to prosecute a man for riding four blocks with a prostitute, on her own accord, in a taxicab. Pretty cool stuff.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

EOS and such

Well. Thanksgiving consisted of another drugged out coma with JD's family. This time it was only one of her family members. A few years ago it was her uncle and his boyfriend so freakin' drugged up they were wetting themselves (yeah, that kind of wetting) and eating food literally by the fistful. JD's sister manages a candy store, I'll call her Wonka - well, she brought a huge chunk of fudge and the drugged out uncle stuffed the entire chunk in his mouth. It split into two and dripped out of the sides of his mouth. I really wanted a piece too, but not after that. This year, the one guy was just so gone that he collapsed on the couch. He did leave Wonka (the host this year) a Thanksgiving card stuffed with various narcotics (as far as I know, Wonka doesn't partake in these sorts of things). Fun stuff. Then it was off to my sister's house. It was a much more subdued affair, however a little kid was hurt when a bookcase fell on him (he was climbing it at the time). Of course, I could only think of the tort implications and the classification of all of us (public invitees, but the public doesn't really matter since FL has merged the standard of care for both business and public). On the way home, he car (our 1996 junker. It is all we have since the Hyundai was crushed. The insurance companies are all dragging their feet) - anyway, it was making a horrid grinding noise when we braked. When I looked in the morning, I found that we had zero material left on the pads. The rotors were gouged out. So, I spent the morning changing the rotors and pads on the car. Fun! I had planned to study on Thanksgiving and everyday thereafter, but it has been slow going. Yesterday was the first day I got going and it wasn't much. I was able to devour the Bramble Bush yesterday, but that was about it. Hopefully today will be better. I plan to start with a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. That should get thee juices flowing.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Brake Job?

Any place in Miami that aren't crooks? Thanks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


So, JD and I moved down here to be closer to family. We both grew up in South Florida and wanted to be back home. Atlanta was fine, but home is home. We were excited to be close to our family, but the sad fact is, they have only been to Miami to see us once. We, on the other hand, have been to Ft. Lauderdale dozens of times. JD goes way more than I, but nonetheless… So, about a month ago, this started to get to me. Not that Miami is so happening, but there needs to be some equity. I was a little flummoxed. I decided I would not go to Ft. Lauderdale again to see my family until they came here a few times. That means missing Thanksgiving. I am okay with this, but JD is afraid of the wrath of my sister. It makes her plead with me and call me “jack-ass” and such. Fun times. We are going to her sister’s house for Thanksgiving. It is going to be a swell time. Two of her Uncles are gay. This is just fine with me, but I say ‘gay’ a lot when I talk. “Dude, that’s so gay.” Or, while playing a video game, simply “gay!”.

End of semester

The semester came to an end today. Of course, we still have the small matter of finals to take care of, but it isn’t really about the grades, right? It’s about the experience. Yeah, right! Lot of people are lying to each other about how much prep they are doing for finals. Some of the people you know are cranking are saying: “Oh, I haven’t even started to outline yet.” Or “I pretty much have it all ready to go, just need to look it over the day before exams.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some people are not going to outline, and I imagine some won’t study too much at all, but the ones I am talking about, you know they are full of it. It is all a mind game – don’t look too concerned – seem nonchalant – hope to lull others into a false sense of security… what a bunch of bunk. Lawfool ain’t buying it. It is study time my little chickadees, and anyone worth their salt is going to hit the books over the next 3 weeks. I know I am. No excuses. With that said, quantity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It is more about getting ready to take exams. Hit those outlines, hit those note cards, clean up those notebooks. The Hyundai was crushed the other day. The guy at fault has some hack-ass insurance. They are not accepting liability, so my insurance company will have to shoulder the load and then get into some sweet “subrogation” action with them. This collateral source rule stuff is nice. I think courts and legislatures that have done away with it are bunk. Why let the defendant get a windfall because I make insurance payments. They need to pay, pay, pay. Word.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Study groups and stuff Saturday night I was on campus. There were quite a few of my section dudes milling about. Our torts prof. gave us a final little project to do, which involved us getting together in little teams of four or five people and hashing out a settlement for some fictional guy who slipped and fell at a department store. The “lawyers” for the defense had some confidential info about what their clients wanted and the plaintiff’s “lawyers” had info about their client’s wishes. It was a nice project, but the fact that it was foisted upon us in the last week made it less enjoyable. At this stage of the game, we are all tired. If we had been given this project the first month in, boy, it would have been way more contentious, way more planned out, way more. It is just that all this learning, and reading, and writing, and outlining, and note taking, and conversing, and reading, and reading, and reading – well, it just grinds on you. I know some dudes at my old job will say “Wha, wha, wha. Poor you, sitting around all day, no job, eating subway. How sad for you! Get a real job.” And they’d be right, really. We know the schedule. All semester long we see the end. At first, it seems so far away, so we put it in the back of our minds, but then, some egghead says: “Hey, do you realize, we only have 5 weeks left.” So then, you are in a new mode of ‘we are almost done’ – which is a total lie. 5 weeks seemed to take about 4 months. It has dragged. In a real job, you usually don’t see the end. Sure, you look forward to Christmas or whatever holiday, but it isn’t as much of a marker. It was like my last months at my real job. Excruciating. I saw the end, and I couldn’t wait to get there. This tires you out. Oh yeah, and all the mid-afternoon naps. On another note – I met with a study group for the first time this semester. Some dude asked me to join him and a few people. It was a lot better than I thought. We stayed on task pretty much the whole time. We worked a few hypos, discussed some ideas, and that’s about it. The one aspect I didn’t like was how exclusive this little group seemed to be. There was a guy from our section in the room we were going to use, and he was silenced out of the room. I told him to stay as my date, but he said he could tell where he wasn’t wanted. As far as I know, the guy is a pretty cool guy, so it wasn’t as if he’d derail us if he stuck around. If I were that guy I’d be telling everyone I knew how much of a dick the rest of us were, me included.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Wow. Miami is great!

Man, this stuff wasn't going on in Atlanta. I knew there was a reason I had to get back to Miami. We have it all down here. Maybe we got the wrong Laker
Best quote in a long while. Prof – “A child from the ghetto with parent who never graduated college, will not be worth as much as a child whose parents are college grads and middle class.” Student- “Couldn’t you argue that more kids are making it out of the ghetto and becoming rap stars these days?” ------------ Man. Open memo re-write. I was all in exam prep mode and then this damn open memo came into my life. Crud. Operation Crank will have to be slowed down a bit. And then we have this final torts project due. What’s up with that? Don’t these people know that your engine isn’t running full tilt (if it ever was) in the last few weeks of classes. Here’s how I’d run the show: Week 1: Classes start as normal. Work assigned, syllabus passed out. Sandbar and Crobar and Rosannebar are frequented. Week 2: All memos, class projects, papers, etc due by Sunday at 4pm. Week 3 – 13: No class. Week 14: Final ------------ JD an my sister are in a fight. This is making JD very sad. She keeps asking what she should do, but I am of no use. My advice would probably be wrong, so I keep to myself. Instead of advice, I offer cookies and ice cream. My advice would be to hunker down and never to call my sister again. I would hold out for years or the length of my life. I am still too stubborn and unschooled in the ways of the world to understand that fights happen and should not turn into full blow grudges that ruin families. Bad part is, my sister is from the same cut, so she will probably never call JD. And that would be that, except JD is NOT cut the same. She will call – my sister will fancy herself the victor and life will go on.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"Oh sweet, portly, nail-cleaning, security goddess - please come and deliver me from this hell. Please make you rounds and tell me that it is time to take my leave. Tell me that I will live to study another day. Hold me tight to your ample chest and rock me to sleep. I want to dream of the cool spring air, the chirps of new baby birds, and maybe funnel cake." ----- I have a dear friend who went to the Army (years ago) and was promptly put into language school because he tested well for an language aptitude. He was sent to total immersion school to learn Arabic. He ended up listening to dudes in Egypt. Anyhow, he said the Army would reward you if you hit certain milestones. A real big one was dreaming in Arabic. It showed the subconscious was learning as well... All I dream about these days is Contracts. Anticipatory Repudiation, Estopple, etc... And today, I was watching The Family Guy, and Peter accidentally had a contract taken out on Lois. He asked the mob guy to call it off, which he was just about to do when he got shot. So Peter had to find the guy and beg him to stop. Wow. All I could think was that the hitman was in breach because a contract, if accepted, survives death. Even though the guy who contracted for Peter's wife's killing was dead, the hitman was still obligated - This, then brought up issues of legality of contracts and the death made me wonder about conditions (in that the dead guy might not have offered money, but a performance which could no longer be rendered since he is dead, so now what should the hitman do?). TV is ruined.

Monday, November 15, 2004

My Pillow

Tick to the tock to the tickity tock. Man, oh man, can 8 hours just fly on by when you are outlining. So I think I may have discovered the source of dark matter. My pillow. Man alive, is it something to see. It is foam latex, do a search online – it cost me 40 bucks about 8 years ago. Before that, my last pillow lasted about 12 years. I don’t know what the life-span is for your average pillow, but JD tells me 8 years is too long. I can only imagine how many generations of dust-mites have called my pillow (and head and ears and crotch) home. It has smelled like so many things. Currently it has the sweet scent of maple syrup. I wonder how much it weighed when I got it. With all the juices, secretions, mite feces and carcasses, it surely must be double the weight now. The last soaking-up it did was my blood when I had my wisdom teeth yanked. I bled for 48 hours all over it. Mmm, mmm! If you read (or in my case watch) A Brief History of Time, you will get the story of how ole’ Steve first caught wind of his condition. He was in a pub at school and he dropped a beer he was holding. It was then a downward spiral from there on out. I think the person living above me is suffering from the early stages of the same motorneuron disease. Every five minutes he drops something. It sounds as though he is carrying around drumsticks or something. Clickity click, clickity click. It is starting to get to me. Clickity clack.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Word to E, baby!

Keep on keepin' on to all my hommies burning the midnight oil in Section E! I came early and left late and there were still some hardcore E-dogs kickin’ it in the “Sweat Shop” when I left. I don’t want to meet you all in the dark alley of some courtroom – cause I know when you bring that K or torts shit, you be bringin’ it fo’ real. On an on ‘till the crack of dawn mowin’ down floss-ass outlines like you mowin’ da lawn!

A gift from the powers that be has been my favorite sports teams not doing too well this year. The ‘Phins didn’t string me along at all this year, they fell on their asses straight out of the gate. Also, UM has lost two, and although the ACC title is still up for grabs, it just isn’t the same as being in the national championship hunt. This means, that I am not distracted by football, and can spend more time on my studies. Hearty laugh! It is K outline day! Yippie! I also need to get cracking on m Civ. Pro. stuff a little better. I am glad everyone will be ‘on call’ in the final days. This way, my chances of getting called each day may have increased, but the number of times called will be less per day. I’ll just stand up, throw my glasses off my face, and grab my head while shaking violently. (Some dude did this last week, and it seems to have worked for him, so I thought I’d follow suit. I just need to get a pair of glasses). I haven’t missed a day of Civ. Pro. this year and we get 3 absences no questions asked. I am thinking of emailing the prof. and telling him although I’ll be in class, I plan on cashing in those absences for the final 3 classes. I don’t think that’d go over too well. Alas.

Friday, November 12, 2004


#include (fstream.h) //Blogger has a tough time with <<> int sortMyShit(string a) { ... } main() { string a,b; ifstream f_in("contractsNotebook.looseleaf"); ofstream f_out("contractsOutline.Awesome"); f_in >> a; b = sortMyShit(a); f_out << "Perfect Outline" << a; return 0; } I just need to implement one small function and I should be good to go.


F-in' hell, dudes. I spoke with a classmate who said they weren't outlining. And, one of our Dean's Fellows (by the way, if you were curious, 500 bucks a month) said that they (yes, I know they is plural, but it is also NOT gender specific and I'm not in to the law school 'she' in every textbook) did not outline at all. I asked my classmate what 'they' were going to do at the final and 'they' said - "I'm going to use my notebook - with all my notes in it - that is what I took them for." Wow! My notebook looks like shit. I have the same crap written ten times - "Oh look, Prof. Torts is writing that flow chart again! I better write it down for the 100th time!" And all my notes a written in undecipherable handwriting. I guess I thought the Nazis might come back and try and get into the minds of Americans through our legal system via my notebook. So, I subconsciously coded all my writing. I need a damn Enigma to decode this shit. "What the hell are the elements of negligence? Duty, Bleach, Cross, and Ramage? What the hell is Ramage – and what are the sub-elements of Cross. This makes no sense!" It is outline city for me. It is really good too. I am getting a pretty sweet refresher course on all the stuff I thought I though I knew. I hope to be ready to go come reading period so I can just stew in my own juices for a few days.


It is vastly more fun to read complaints on The Smoking Gun now that I have been in law school for a bit. I was curious, though, as to why this lawyer felt the need to name drop. Why do you think he mentions the celebs in paragraph 13(d) - what's the point?

Thursday, November 11, 2004


My LRW prof. told me that I went over my page limit. It seems I stapled a confirmation of a bill that was paid online to the end of my paper.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Don’t believe the hype.

I read some of these law school post about how all frazzled the 1Ls are getting because exams are coming up. How all glossy-eyed they look, how easy it is to startle them… I’ve got to tell you, I don’t see it. Everyone is just plodding along. I think there is some self-service in perpetuating this idea of exam stress. Don’t believe the hype.

Monday, November 08, 2004

No Time

I don't have much time to post. I am working away. A couple people pulled me aside today at different times and asked if I either wanted to work on outlining with them or join a study group for the finals. I guess people think I know my stuff... I hope they are right. Suckers. :) Since I won't be posting at lenght for a little while (I'll pop in now and again), I will tell you one of my favorite jokes. It will keep you laughing until I post something meaty. Q: Why is there only one Eiffel Tower? A: Because they eat their young! Funny, right?

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Saturday, November 06, 2004


I am under house arrest until I finish my memo. This is making me a bit loopy. I wrote this line in my memo and it made me laugh out loud - it really isn't very funny, but the lack of fresh air and copious cups of Crystal Light are making me nuts. "The raccoon appeared to be foaming at the mouth and reportedly had very sharp teeth. " Hehehehe. I realy do NOT want to get a job doing LRW assignments for the next 6 years. You can all have the BIGLAW job. I want a job where I can get bloody quick. I'll trade money for blood, you betcha! Hyundai isn't such a bad car. Shit, the warden is looking at me funny, I better get back to work.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Univ. Of Kentucky

When I received my acceptance from UK, there was a hand written note which said: You write very well for a Computer Science major. I found that to be insulting. Now I wish I could use it as leverage with my LRW teacher. "Come on Prof. I am a damn computer nerd. All I know is for loops and if else statements, shouldn't that get me an automatic bump?" Maybe it already is. Sad. So very sad. Damn raccoons! Rabid raccoons.

It is done --- X-rated.

An email trail. This one dude tried to get me to take public interest law because there is no exam. I declined (but I did give it some serious thought). Here is his response when I told him I had locked in Analysis of Evidence-> In April: Mr. X: so Lawfool, you want to go to the beach (obviously because my friends force me) LF: no, I have to study Mr. X: study? for what? exams are over? LF: no they aren't, I have this mofo exam that is going to rape me Mr. X: but that is impossible, I don't have any more, why do you have an exam? LF: because I am lame, and I made the biggest mistake of my life Mr. X: oh, you mean you chose analysis of evidence LF: fuck you, Mr. X: you wish, if you wanted to get fucked XX XXX XXX XXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX? <- edited, to wild for even the internet! (LF runs away crying) My response: Supreme Court Chief Justice: (Thinking to himself) We have this case up for review, and I just can't put the pieces of the case together. We have all this evidence, but I just don't know how to analyze it. (Falls over dead from a stroke because he was thinking too hard). President Bush's Chief of Staff: (To President) Mr. President, Chief Justice Rehnquist just died. He was looking over a very difficult case and had a stroke. We don't want any of the other justices to look at it for fear they might die as well. Bush: What to do? Jenna Bush: Daddy, I had some amazing sex with a guy from UM a few months ago. He was a law student and new everything there was to know about fucking and evidence! Bush: (At press conference) Today, Lawfool was sworn in as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Thanks to his awesome fucking skills and the foresight in having signed up for Analysis of Evidence. Hey, nothing in the Constitution says you have to be a lawyer to be on the Supreme Court.


“I’m a fiscal conservative” – This is a way of saying this: shit – on the one hand I like money. I like to keep the money I make. I don’t want to give my money away. HOWEVER (on the other hand) – I can’t bring myself to admit what that means – it means we can’t sustain all these social programs that I also like. I want to keep these programs going because I think we should help all the people we can. I like money though., and I know we can’t have all these programs if I want to keep all my money. I just can’t decide. People, there is no such thing as fiscally conservative and socially liberal! Oil and water. Having your cake and eating it to. “No, that isn’t true, you could cut the wasteful defense spending!” Okay, I’m not going to argue that we waste money on defense – to some extent, but what would you cut? We have troops without proper equipment (and not just in Iraq) – ½ a trillion bucks and we still don’t have all we need. Maybe we could cut senseless programs like missile defense? Okay, but I’m a science for science sake kind of guy. People think missile defense is a complete waste of time – maybe, but they might also be a little near-sighted. It is not that we will get a working missile defense system, rather it is the science we will reap from pursuing it. I like computers – and if you are reading this, chances you do as well. I like the internet. I like whether prediction. I like disease control and vaccines. I like plastics. I like radar. I loathe cell phones (but they help make my point). I like GPS. I like satellite TV. I like semiconductors. I like lasers. I like fiber optics. I like energy. I like all sorts of stuff that your tax dollars went to develop. I like all sorts of stuff developed through defense spending that have given birth to thousands, if not millions, of new industries and companies (and jobs all throughout the planet). Science for science’s sake is very costly, and its benefits aren’t always seen soon afterwards. Sometimes it takes years. The only entity capable of funding this type of work is the State. It may not seem to be the best way to spend money today, but it turns out to be so tomorrow. Conservatives like defense spending. It keeps America strong. Some think it makes America a bully. Maybe. But those people who pooh-pooh defense spending as wasteful and misplaced should take a pause to consider the benefits. Consider your I-pod. Consider the waste for sure, but there are other wastes as well. And, I dare say, the waste of defense spending has reap far more rewards than has the waste of certain other social programs.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

No Updates...

LRW. No time.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Profs as Tired as the Students...

You can see that some of the professors as just as sick of this semester as us students are. It is dragging on in the last few weeks. Torts is painful (we went over the table of contents a week or so ago). In Elements, the prof. is well aware that everyone is reading straight off of their outlines from last years students. He hasn't said if the exam is open book or not. I think we are going to be screwed come exam time. We are doing double duty in Civ. Pro for the next three weeks. K is a wasteland of volunteers. LRW refuses to end. I have nothing to say these days because I am so devoid of motivation.

A Joke!

It is the Florida Constitution, people! Why the hell would you put minimum wage into the Constitution? Why would you put in limits on lawyer fees or gambling or trains IN THE FLIPPIN' CONSTITUTION???? You elect representatives to pass laws. These things should be statutes, not amendments to the CONSTITUTION!!!!! God! What a crock.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Grinding away. Man overboard. LRW memo hanging over my head. So unmotivated. JD is gone this weekend. I will be a shut in (shut in the library) - I will complete the memo before Sunday. I will I will I will. I am already thinking about getting blitzed on Dec. 15th after my last exam. The dudes I have been hanging out with a little bit have yet to see me take a sip of the fire-water. Maybe we'll hang out on the 15th. Or maybe I'll drink at home and pass out and choke on my own vomit. Why doesn't the library have a name. I know it has a real name, but why not a nickname. How 'bout the Terrordome? Or The Shit House? Or The Mildew Factory? "Hey, I'm going to the Second Hand Shop, I'll catch up with you in a bit." Sounds good. No?