Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Soda SOL

I was curious as to what the statute of limitations on refilling soda might be?  I go to the student union almost everyday and get a large soda from Subway.  The price is inflated -- $2.11 for a 32oz soda.  However, it is refillable.  Is there a time limitation as to how long one can refill?  A distance limit?

Some considerations:

     Is it strictly a time thing?  Meaning, if the union is open for 14 hours a day, are you free to refill for the entire 14 hours.  I think it is a given that once the place closes, the privilege to refill runs out (this leaves open the 24 hour places, but I would also state that going home also runs the privilege out).  It used to be as long as the cup could still hold liquid (those paper-wax-covered cups would die after several hours), however the cup I buy is plastic, and could last for the next 2 years of my time here.

       Is it based on proximity to the soda machine.  I think this can’t be the case.  The reason being:  the bathrooms are not in the food court.  This was the same for Miami as it is at Michigan.  In both places, you must leave the confines of the eating area to use the facilities.  At Miami, you actually had to walk outside.  So, if your proximity were the test, should you buy a cup and need to go to the bathroom, you would lose the privilege to refill far too soon.

     JD says it isn’t time nor proximity. She holds that it is the duration of the meal which governs the refill statute of limitation.  And, she contends that I abuse the system.  I say “hogwash”, because what if there is no meal?  What if you just buy a drink?  Then what governs the proper time to refill?

     Perhaps it should be a limit on the number of refills.  This seems like the best solution.  There could be a chart.  A penny to ounce formula of some kind.  $2.11 might buy 3 fills.  A potential 96oz of soda.  Should you choose to use ice, well, that is a fringe benefit you pay for in reduced soda ounces.


Blogger some guy said...

you (future) lawyers think you know all the answers. sometimes the answer is right in front of you. just ask the subway people. then sue if the answer is not to your liking...

5:22 p.m.  
Blogger Tortious Inference said...

LOL...some guy always makes it simple. I do it for the day and they know this and have never said a word.
I'm good.

10:47 p.m.  

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