Monday, December 12, 2005

Rant 1

The law school rant in several acts. It seems that some students are getting a little gnarly out there in law school land with exams coming up. They are complaining about law school sucking, and “what’s the point?”, and “screw this”, and “screw that.” Well, let me write on the other side of the argument, if I may? Let’s start with law review. There seems to be quite a bit of consternation over getting onto law review, and all the benefits that come with being “in da club.” But, really, law review is a very accurate measure of the type of lawyer and lawyerly life you are going to live. Look, how do you expect to make it in the world if you don’t know whether the comma in between “see, e.g.” should be italicized or not? I mean, this is truly important stuff. Some might argue that this is just a bunch of hooey, perpetuated by a bunch of self-important pinheads, destined to be academics, with lots of time to waste giving a crap about this stuff—well, if that’s you, you're just plain missing the point. I mean, if you don’t have the citation in small caps where small caps is needed, and if you underline an article title when maybe you shouldn’t have (at least according to the fine Bluebook folks), how do you expect to communicate effectively with people? Much less, how do you expect anything you write to hold any weight at all? I mean, when I see a period or comma outside of a quotation mark, when it should be within, well, I’m sure you agree that the author has lost all credibility with anyone worth their salt. Should we look to the content and ideas trying to be expressed, and consider the message in the work over the form? No way! That’s crazy talk. If a parenthesis is misplaced, I just start to wander. I no longer have any idea what this person is talking about, and I’m disappointed that I even started reading the piece in the first place. Who can keep you safe from this? The folks on law review. That’s who! So law review people get an office, and soda, and better jobs. And sure, they can share great outlines to maintain their superior class ranking. But why shouldn’t this attention to tedious, manufactured, arbitrary detail be rewarded? This is truly important, meaningful, and vastly rewarding work. Don’t go all “sour grapes” about it. You just don’t understand how crucial getting every sentence and citation perfectly spaced from the next one is in the grand scheme of life. I mean, how could you understand? You aren’t on law review.


Blogger Buck Rogers said...

Well said sir, I am not sure if I agree with you completely but stand up what you believe in

7:05 p.m.  
Blogger Tortious Inference said...

See generally, T.I., Officially Hating This Post, 1 NunYa L. Rev. 2005 (2005) (explaining why I am gonna kick ur butt).

1:43 a.m.  

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