Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Today ends my first semester of classes at my new law school.  I have lots of studying to do.  My laptop has been a flop ever since I purchased it, but these last few weeks have been pretty rough.  So, my level of stress has been tweaked slightly to the up end of the scale.  I am struggling with whether to take one of my exams pass/fail instead of graded.  I thought I’d tough it out, but the prof seems pretty bent on case citations.  I blow at case citations.  I’m going to stick with:  “the case where the guy kills some guy for making fun of his nose” (which, for some reason did not reappear in our insanity chapters).  Is this any more valid than saying “the Smith case”?  I mean, a history major shouldn’t care as much about the exact year the Pilgrims came to America – just that they came and for particular reasons.  I liken remembering case names to rote memorization of useless facts.  Like, how important is it for me to know then name of that one case where Adams tried to give that commission to some judge and Jefferson wouldn’t finish the job, and then the would-be-judge sued the Secretary of State and then the Chief Justice like said the Supreme Court had the power of judicial review.  Mar-something v. Mad-someone. Yeah, that one.  


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